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What is hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding, also known as hydraulic seeding, is a method that makes it possible to seed lawns quickly and efficiently. Hydroseeding consists in spraying a mix of water, seeds, and other components that will provide optimal conditions for seed growth throughout the area covered.

How does hydroseeding work?

Seed, fertilizer, binder and mulch are mixed together in a large amount of water. The seeds are selected according to customer needs; it may be grass or wildflowers. The fertilizer is added to the mixture to promote seed growth.

Mulch is made from recycled newspapers and/or wood chips. It protects the soil against erosion by the elements, so it will retain the moisture necessary for the growth of shoots and shelter them from abrupt temperature changes. Moreover, the mulch gradually decomposes into organic matter that nourishes the shoots. The binder, in turn, is used to maintain the consistency of the mixture, which is then sprayed onto the area to be seeded.

Drops of water on grass

What are the advantages of hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding is a fast and inexpensive way to get a beautiful lawn. This technique is less expensive than sod installation and is more effective than traditional seeding, where the seeds are often washed away by rain before they have time to germinate. Mulch used for hydroseeding acts as a greenhouse and provides exceptional growing conditions for the seeds in addition to protecting the soil against erosion. The ease of application and the particular structure of the hydroseeding mixture allow it to be implemented on a variety of different surfaces: steep slopes, golf courses, highway edges, areas hard to access, gravel surfaces and more..

Is hydroseeding good for both grass and flowers?

This is a safe product for the environment that can suit virtually all seed mixes: different varieties of grasses and even perennial, annual or biannual wildflowers.

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